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Stewardship of the field by highlighting scientific progress, addressing misleading information and by communicating with regulators Advancing the science by supporting scientific discussions that lead to high-quality publications on topics of interest Educating stakeholders by creating tailored programs and materials that accurately represent current science

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Putting the science first. We are committed to scientific integrity and transparency and believe advancements fields are driven by rigorous scientific approaches and science-based communications.

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Founded in 2020, brings together global leading scientific experts and has shifted the paradigm for how are studied and understood.


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Upon gracing the pages of our establishment, you step into a historic arena of knowledge and research, where many of the most refined and lofty ideas take their genesis. Our mission, dear sir or madam, is to illuminate the oft-treacherous labyrinths of the academic realm, providing resources, direction, and guidance to those in pursuit of higher education and investigation.

At the "HOUSE OF EDUCATIONS & RESEARCH LIMITED", we believe that education is the key to unlocking the potential of every soul, and our role is to serve as a beacon on this journey, facilitating the passage from knowledge to wisdom.

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